The new set, including the Major villains of the work. Here we have Rex the Wonder Dog and Hope Corgi, Internet Hate Machine, Cheshire Cat, Jeff Paladin, Robley Quinn, Bear Devil, Fighting Hand, Trinity, S.H.I.E.L.D. Operatives 1 & 2, Ghost Strider, Carnevalor and Squid Pro Quo. The other guys I cannot remember right now, but my favourite one is that bastard right there! The Grape Of Wrath! I remember I created him for a character named Appladay, who could shoot falming apples out of his mouth, and he basically swore vengeance after Appladay’s showboating upstaged a Memorial Service he was holding after returning from the war, so he build his suit of armour, with his Shoulder-mounted machine guns, deemed “Grapeshots”, and plans to destroy heroes and their boisterous ways. So happy!

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