Hey there, Supoc Followers, recently, we had a bit of a scare, when our good friend, Buck, had a bit of a heart attack. He is back and better now, but I thought we could dedicate this week to our near and dear friend, and the plethora of characters he lovingly crafted. So, without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, get ready for

                                          BUCK WEEK

Perseverance was basically reborn after his body reformed in gold form all traces of his previous self are gone. He is matured to how long his new mind has existed which is about three years. He is initially very innocent and naive but the his time in Superamerica has changed him he has grown hard on the outside some would call him villainous even but he merely does the best he can and makes calls a three year old should never have to make. In the Dynasty Perseverance looks up to Agricolas as a father figure and follows him. He learns how the world is from the wise tree and is raised on the ideals of the Dynasty.

Perseverance is composed entirely of the element gold. He is each and every atom as long as one remains he will slowly reform naturally over time. Perseverance draws energy from courage and is filled with a remarkable amount of bravery beyond natural levels Perseverance will never not be brave.


So, now that you you know our goals, you can hop in, and help out! It’s time for….CHARACTER CREATION! So, here’s how it goes down. You roll two powers at . If you roll something too powerful, like omniscience, we ask that you please reroll. After that, you get sorted into a faction. You do this by rolling two dice, either off or online. Roll a 2, 3, 4, or 5 and you are a member of The Unified Society. The U.S. is a democracy where everyone gets a vote, but it’s often bogged down by bureaucratic processes, and its underbelly is a less than favorable place. Roll a 8, 9, 10, or 11 and you are a member of Dynasty (also known as the Leader-Kin). Dynasty is an efficient dictatorship with a caste system that puts the advancement of humanity above all else. Roll a 6 or 7 and you are a Loner living on your own. You have the freedom to go on adventures in the badlands, settle down with a few other Loners, act as a messenger between factions; generally whatever you feel like. Roll a 12 and you are a part of the secret underground Illuminate (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) that released the virus that changed the world to what it is now. They mostly live incognito amongst the other factions. Their current plans are shrouded in mystery. After that, if you want to go further, we also offer a character sheet. here ya put down your character’s goals, beliefs, and other notes that make your character…yours!

If you are more interested in the fauna of the land, then you can always roll up a animal instead. They, too, were struck by the virus. So, to make your supercritter, go to , and that’s the animal you use! Just roll for it’s powers the same you would do for a human, and you are good as gold.

When complete, you can upload your guy or gal here . If you want to use someone else’s character, please refer to the character pool, here . For any help with anything, or just to have a friendly chat, you can visit us here, at the Supochat

For reference, I included my character, and a random beast


Hey there tumblrites, and welcome to the very first post of the new and improved Supocalypse Tumblr! Here, we shall bring you all the latest things in the supoc universe. We’ll be updating you guys with artwork, story updates, RP session logs, and anything else we come up with. You wanna partake in this adventure? You can always make a character to use in the setting, which we can help you with! Got any questions you wanna ask us, or even the characters? Just pop us a note, and we will try and get to it as soon as we can! So, with that out of the way, welcome to Supocalypse, and we hope you enjoy the ride!


Andrew “Good Times” Timmins was a college student studying design before the virus hit the world. This virus gave him the supernatural abilities of Party Inducement and Synchronization.  Lighthearted and fun loving, Andrew is always willing to throw in a joke about whatever situation he might be in. But while Andrew may be a nice guy, willing to help pretty much anyone he meets, he is also fairly sarcastic. Andrew is at his best when around others, especially during a party, but gets more nervous when alone.

When the virus first hit, he woke up in the camp of an old woman, whom had saved him and took care of him while he was out like a light. She explained that the apocalypse had basically happened, and there were countless dead. But despite all this, she kept a cheery and hopeful disposition. This old lady is the one who gave Andrew his goggles, and taught him how to keep hope, even in the bleakest of situations. After getting a hang of his powers, Andrew went off on his own.

With his Party Inducement, his body and brain chemistry has been changed to be able to perform incredible feats like creating party foods and drinks from thin air, play music at all sorts of volumes from nowhere, and even induce and remove feelings of happiness and desire. Andrew can even make others want to party and dance, even if they didn’t want to at first. With his Synchronization, Andrew just seems to work better with others than anyone else. Something just ‘clicks’ and he can perform combo moves with other people. Andrew’s now more unstable DNA and molecules can sync with objects, either incorporating them into his own body or changing their shape, granting him enhanced abilities while using that object. But this doesn’t just work with objects, mind you! Andrew can even sync with others, fusing with them to create a whole better than the sum of its parts.


Finally, we plan to have a schedule set for this little blog here. So far, here is our set days

  • New Art Wednesdays: On this day, We will post any new art our community has created
  • Character Query Fridays: Where you can ask any question you want to any of the exciting characters we have….

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wow I’m actually sitting here crying while texting kevin because I’m such a baby like sometimes when I think about him I cry because I care about him so much and I’m scared he’ll leave and I don’t want him to. I don’t want to be without him. I would miss him far too much, considering the second he’s out of my sight and reach I miss him. I miss his warmth and his hands and his kisses on my head and his long legs intertwined with mine. god what is wrong with me

There`s nothing wrong with you, baby doll. I feel the same way as well. I love you babe, and don’t you forget it!


Hey guys, some fun news about the future that’s coming. On February 4, I’m taking my favourite girl to Toronto for an entire day of fun. Comprised of a day of nerdy goodness, we plan to go see a movie, browse some comics shops, and go to Toronto’s X-Men’s cosplay skate! Alex and I plan on dressing…